More Millbank residents are choosing Scoot-A-Long Wingham – Wagler’s E-Bikes and electric scooters

Offering a comfortable and stylish way to navigate the concrete jungle, electric scooters from Scoot-A-Long Wingham – Wagler’s E-Bikes in Millbank are a sensible and affordable transportation option. Because they are compact, convenient and non-polluting, they’re sure to be the perfect fit for you and your busy lifestyle.

You can zip by cars in traffic and avoid traffic jams with scooters as well, and since they don’t require as much space, you can park them nearly anywhere — often just steps away from the door.

With many colours, styles and features to choose from, scooters are customizable as well. It’s easy to find one that truly reflects your personality and requirements.

Scooters can be economical or provide you with that extra bit of luxury, as they come in many price ranges. They’re also a smart, stress-free choice because they come with a one-year warranty.

When you’ve selected your new scooter, Scoot-A-Long Wingham – Wagler’s E-Bikes also sells scooter accessories like custom-made licence plates, helmets, saddle bags and trunks. They also have you covered for scooter parts and service, too. With dealer pricing, a wide dealer network and special offers that come in only two to three weeks, Scoot-A-Long Wingham – Wagler’s E-Bikes makes the scooter shopping experience a painless one.

In addition to having you covered for all your scooter needs, including three-wheel mobility scooters, Scoot-A-Long Wingham – Wagler’s E-Bikes also carries dirt bikes and ATVs.

To find out more about electric scooters and what Scoot-A-Long Wingham – Wagler’s E-Bikes carries, reach out to their professionals today. You can contact them by phone at 519-722-0908, by email at or in person at 3962 Perth Line 72 (Rural Route 1) in Millbank.

Make sure to call them first if you’re going to drop by in person so you can get a priority timeslot. There’s more info available on Scoot-A-Long Wingham – Wagler’s E-Bikes Gold Book page.

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