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The Scoot-A-Long Solution

Electric scooters are a new and promising alternative form of urban transportation. In most situations in the city, riding an electric bike will be faster and cheaper than either automobile or public transit.


Serving the area for over five years, Scoot-A-Long Wingham – Wagler’s E-Bikes, in Millbank, Ontario, offers a large in-stock selection of: ATVs, electric scooters, dirt bikes, accessories and more. Whether it’s for mobility, work, or outdoor recreation, we carry a variety of styles and colours for adults and kids alike.

The Future of Transportation

We are your key to travelling easy in an eco-friendly way! Looking for a great way to get around town? Consider an electric scooter from Scoot-A-Long Wingham – Wagler’s E-Bikes. Electric scooters are a compact, convenient, affordable and non-polluting mode of transportation. Avoid traffic jams and always get a parking spot close to the door.

Our scooters come in a variety of styles, colours, features and price ranges and include a full year’s warranty. Choose the scooter that’s right for you and your lifestyle. We also offer three-wheel mobility scooters for smooth riding freedom.

We Make Shopping Easy & Fun!

Step into our showroom for a shopping experience that is both inviting and easy. Best of all, we service every vehicle we sell and also offer a complete line of parts, accessories and apparel. Let our trained staff help you make the right selection, whatever you’re looking for! We even do customized licence plates and special orders!

Special orders are also available – allow two to three weeks.

We don’t stop at just scooters! we are also your best source for dirt bikes and ATVs. 

For those who require a scooter to assist with mobility, you’ll be pleased to learn there is no sales tax applied to these purchases. You don’t need a licence to ride an accessibility scooter, plus they provide independence and allow you to get around and do daily errands without another person to help. Set yourself free on the road to efficient and environmentally friendly travel; contact Scoot-A-Long Wingham – Wagler’s E-Bikes at 519-722-0908.

For efficient environmentally friendly travel, motor sports, ATVs and dirt bikes, contact Scoot-A-Long Wingham – Wagler’s E-Bikes 3962 Perth Line 72, RR#1 in Millbank, Ontario.

About us

Your Full-Service Outdoor Adventure Store!

At Scoot-A-Long Wingham – Wagler’s E-Bikes, we strive to impress customers with our wide array of quality products and services. Since our start in the scooter business, we discovered that scooters are becoming increasingly popular, as well as harder to find within the Millbank region. We have scoured the globe searching for the very best scooters the industry has to offer and sell only the brands that are built to last. Our store is conveniently located to serve Millbank and the surrounding areas. Within our store you will find everything you need to meet your riding needs, including:

For the best brands of scooters, ATVs, parts, accessories, service and all your riding gear requirements, give us a call at 519-722-0908, or stop by our showroom!

You can feel confident to ask any of the staff for advice in choosing the best electric scooter or outdoor recreation vehicle for your needs.


Quality Electric Scooters, Built to Last

At Scoot-A-Long Wingham – Wagler’s E-Bikes, we feel we can conquer almost any feat in the scooter industry.

In keeping with this mission, we offer a wide variety of products and services. Our store is pleased to offer a wide array of electric scooters. Not only are these e-bikes an environmentally friendly alternative to cars, but they are also compact, affordable and come with lots of great features.

We’re a full-service scooter and outdoor adventure store – we service everything we sell, as well as most other brands! Visit our showroom today or call 519-722-0908 for more information!

We also offer:

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Quality Electric Scooters, Built to Last

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We’re also experienced in motor sports, including ATVs and dirt bikes. Have questions? Give us a call at 519-722-0908!

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