More Millbank residents are choosing Scoot-A-Long Wingham – Wagler’s E-Bikes and electric scooters

Offering a comfortable and stylish way to navigate the concrete jungle, electric scooters from Scoot-A-Long Wingham – Wagler’s E-Bikes in Millbank are a sensible and affordable transportation option. Because they are compact, convenient and non-polluting, they’re sure to be the perfect fit for you and your busy lifestyle. You can zip by cars in traffic … Read more

10 good reasons to ride a scooter

At Scoot-A-Long Wingham – Wagler’s E-Bikes they offer the chance to experience a new way of life. Riding a scooter to get around town is an affordable alternative to a truck or car. Here are 10 good reasons to choose a scooter: Eco-friendly: An important consideration to any vehicle is whether or not it is … Read more

Best accessories for the scooter rider

At Scoot-A-Long Wingham – Wagler’s E-Bikes they offer everything you need to make riding your scooter a pleasure. Here are a few accessories every scooter rider needs. Helmets: Driving a scooter is like riding a bike. You want to be certain if you have an accident you protect that melon of yours. A helmet is … Read more

Scoot-A-Long Wingham – Wagler’s E-Bikes

Scoot-A-Long Wingham – Wagler’s E-Bikes in Millbank, Ontario knows you need to get around, but also that you may not want the high fuel expenses and other costs that come with a traditional car. That’s why Scoot-A-Long offers a more economical alternative with quality electric scooters that are easy to ride and produce no emissions … Read more