Best accessories for the scooter rider

At Scoot-A-Long Wingham – Wagler’s E-Bikes they offer everything you need to make riding your scooter a pleasure. Here are a few accessories every scooter rider needs.

  • Helmets: Driving a scooter is like riding a bike. You want to be certain if you have an accident you protect that melon of yours. A helmet is also a sexy accessory and you can have fun shopping around for a look you will love. If you are thinking that wearing a helmet does not seem so enticing, just remember that an accident can happen in a split second and without a helmet you could also split your head.
  • Goggles: Goggles can add a retro charm to your scooter ensemble. They also provide you with much needed protection from debris. Look for goggles that fit comfortably or you will be tempted not to wear them.
  • Windscreen: Not all scooters come with a windscreen. You might want to consider this hand scooter accessory as it will help protect you from wind and make your ride more comfortable.
  • Racks: Scooter racks and trunks make it easy for you to do some basic shopping whether it is for groceries or clothes shopping. You will have much needed storage that you can even use for an overnight bag.
  • Security: Someone could pick your scooter up and carry it away if they were bold enough. Look at the security items available such as locks and alarms if you are nervous someone might take your scooter. Locks will prevent someone from wheeling your scooter away and alarms will make a lot of noise to chase them off.
  • A Cover: Scooter covers are excellent for storing your bike in the winter months. They also come in handy if you have to park or store your scooter outdoors. You will protect your scooter from wet, dirt, grime and dust so it is ready to go when you are.

When you are ready to become a member of the scooter elite or are looking for the accessories, parts and service for your scooter Scoot-A-Long Wingham – Wagler’s E-Bikes are your local experts. They are located at 3962 Perth Line 72 (RR#1 Milbank). You can also call 519-722-0908 or visit their Gold Book profile for more information.

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